A Journey Through Time Presentation Nov 22nd

The Catawba Nation Fall Fair on Nov. 22nd will have two noted speakers – Carey Tilley, Executive Director of Cultural and Heritage Museums and Dr. Rick Chacon, Prof. of Sociology and Anthropology, Winthrop University presenting a journey in time over the last 12,000 years of Native American cultures and hunting methods with exhibits of over 10,000 projectiles/ artifacts documenting those time periods. Importantly, in addition to the Walker displays portions of the collection of Dr. Simpson on permanent loan to the Catawba Nation, that was previously much sought after by the Smithsonian Institution, will be available for viewing. This will be one of the largest exhibits ever displayed in S.C. history with presentations by two foremost authorities of native cultures. Additionally, there will be discussion of local York County Native American sites dating 6,000-7,000 B.P. Admission is free to an experience of a lifetime. I look forward to seeing you there.