Assets for Independence program

The Economic Development Department recently received a grant called “Assets for Independence.” This program encourages tribal members to save their earned income on a regular basis with the goal of either: 1) starting or expanding a small business, 2) attending college or 3) paying for vocational training. While saving, participants receive training about budgeting, credit reports, tax preparation, financial planning, as well as assistance planning for their asset purchase.
If participants successfully complete the requirements, their savings will be matched at a rate of 4:1! You can save up to $1,000 which could result in a match of $4,000 – therefore you would have $5,000 to put towards your goal! Even if you only save $300, you would still receive a 4:1 match of $1,200, resulting in $1,500 for your goal. Participants can save for an eligible dependent, for example, sending a child or dependent grandchild to college.
We are holding an information session on Thursday January 23rd at 6:00pm at the Longhouse to explain eligibility, program policies, and enrollment procedures. Please plan to attend so you don’t miss out on this worthwhile program!