Constitution Initiative

The Catawba Constitution needs to be updated. Our current constitution was adopted in 1975. The tribe is now federally recognized, enrollment numbers have grown greatly, and we have new opportunities for economic development. We need to update our constitution to be able to better govern ourselves.

We are approaching the rewriting of our governing documents differently than ever before by starting with getting information from the people about what needs to be included in the document.  Community and Focus Group sessions will discuss specific questions about what you want in our governing document.  All sessions will be held at the Longhouse. Then we will send out a survey to get even more input. All of this information will be used to create a Catawba Constitution that reflects what the people want. This is OUR Constitution. Please participate and let YOUR voice be heard.

History of the project can be found here: 


The Catawba Constitution Initiative feedback process is kicking off in March 2016.

Mark your calendar for our two feedback meetings on March 12th and 22nd. Each meeting will include pizza, drinks, and multiple chances to win door prizes (Wal-Mart gift cards up to a value of $100).

Feedback meetings

Feedback meetings


Contact name and phone number:

Elizabeth Harris (803) 366-4792 or