Corporate Nation Board

The Corporate Nation Board is charged with the responsibility to govern the Business arm of the Catawba Nation named The Corporate Nation. The Board is responsible to the shareholders of the corporation which consists of all members of the Catawba Nation. Business will be separate from the tribal government operations. The board will oversee all businesses from concept (which includes a written business plan and financials) through regular operations. Below is a list of specific duties of the board members:

  1. Determine the Organization’s Mission and Purpose
  2. Ensure Effective Organizational Planning
  3. Ensure Adequate Resources
  4. Manage Resources Effectively
  5. Determine and Monitor the Organization’s Products, Services and Programs
  6. Enhance the Organization’s Public Image
  7. Assess Performance of Businesses

Meeting times:

3rd Tuesday of each month via conference call

Contact name and phone number:

Jackie Canty, (803) 366-4792

Board members:

Chris Shrum, President

Thom Trimnal, Vice President

Steven Frankforter, Treasurer

Jeff Harris, Secretary

Trent Troxel

Board member bios:

Chris Shrum:

I am an economic development professional with more than 30 years working in Indian Country, assisting Tribal governments plan, develop, launch, and sustain successful Tribal enterprise. I look forward to continuing my work by serving on The Corporate Nation Board. My experience helping Tribes capitalize enterprise, designing workforce development programs, and providing ongoing technical assistance has proven well in multiple economic sectors including, agriculture and specialty foods, the civil trades, manufacturing, tourism, and artisan handmade products.

Thom Trimnal:

I am the CEO of Titus Medical LLC. My business designs, manufactures, and sales medical devices in markets throughout the world. The brand has become a leader in the industry. Previous to Titus, I was involved in other medical device companies and also developed and later sold three successful businesses: Westek Medical, Carolina Greenlawn and Merry Maids. Through dedication and hard work, I have been able to work independently and navigate the complicated journey of being a business owner.

Steven Frankforter:

I have significant experience working in business development and business consulting. I have worked with Small Business Development Centers in both South Carolina and Indiana, owned my own business, and have also served on the Chamber of Commerce in both Kansas and South Carolina. I also have over 20 years of experience assisting businesses by managing student advisory teams while at Winthrop University and Indiana University South Bend.

Jeff Harris:

I am an Associate Attorney with Velasquez & Associates. I have experience in many area of law including immigration law, corporate law, and commercial and residential real estate law. I has been involved in forming business entities, drafting corporate documents, operating agreements, corporate bylaws, shareholder agreements, and amendments. I also assisted with negotiating and drafting purchase contracts, examination of title, and coordination of business and real estate closings. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Brigham Young University and a Juris Doctor from Duke University School of Law.

Trent Troxel:

I currently serve as the General Manager for OerIikon textiles and oversee the sales of textile parts for the German and Mexican markets. In the past I have served as the Chairman of the Economic Development Committee. I believe that my education experience and business background make me a valuable member to The Corporate Nation Board.