Executive Committee

Bill Harris, Chief


Jason Harris, Assistant Chief

Rod Beck, Secretary/Treasurer

Sam Beck, Council Member

Dean Canty, Council Member
















The five member Executive Committee is elected by the General Council to oversee the routine daily operations of the tribal government. There are five elected officials that serve four year terms. Each office comes with specific responsibilities as described in the Nation’s constitution. The Executive Committee is specifically asked to oversee the following on behalf of the General Council:

Laws Enforced by Executive Committee

  1. The General Council resolves that the existing reservation cannot be reduced in size or terminated.
  2. The General Council resolves the Catawba General Council and Executive Committee Records are the property of the General Council and not of any member or officer.
  3. The General Council resolves that residences placed on Catawba property must be at least 300 yards from other residences not separated by roads, and does not affect the existing residences.
  4. The General Council resolves that non-Indian spouses of deceased or divorced Catawbas who do not have children may not reside on the reservation longer than six months and may be compensated for water systems or residences left as incurred costs to that spouse and the deceased.
  5. The General Council resolves that residents of and visitors to the Catawba Reservation are subject to the constitution, by-laws, and resolutions of the Catawba Nation. Authority of enforcement is vested in the Executive Committee.
  6. The General Council resolves that applications have to be presented to the Executive Committee and approved before new home sites and facilities can be claimed and utilized on the reservation. Such residences must be registered to enrolled members.
  7. The General Council resolves that reservation property can only be claimed and utilized by application for one year, home and small acreage, approved by the Executive Committee.
  8. The General Council resolves that members claiming Reservation property must furnish proof of that property utilized on a regular approval basis or the control of that property reverts back to the control and supervision of the Executive Committee.
  9. The General Council resolves the authority to Executive Committee to developing and controls of new residences on the reservation in compliance to existing laws.

The current Executive Committee was elected on July 25, 2015 and took office in August 2015. Their terms will expire in July 2019. They can be reached at the Longhouse offices during regular business hours.