ISWA Development Corporation, TDHE for the Catawba Indian Nation

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Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm; closed Wednesday from 1-5 pm for Staff Development, Data Entry and Grievances.


ISWA Housing offers housing programs for Low Income Native Americans in the Catawba Indian Nation Service Area.  Service Area:  State of South Carolina and the following Counties in North Carolina: Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Gaston, Union, Cleveland and Rutherford.

Low Income: Low Income is individuals or families in one household whose income does not go over the 80% median income.  ISWA is allowed to only spend 10% of IHBG (Housing) funds per year on families whose income is over the 80%, but not over 100% with documented need.  Please refer to the following link to see if you are low income:  http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/documents/huddoc?id=2016-02fy16incomelimits.pdf


Housing Opportunies offered by ISWA

Green Earth Rentals

ISWA has constructed 124 single and multi-family units in the Green Earth Community located on the Catawba Indian Nation.

These units provide dwellings for families based on number of bedrooms needed. Payments based on 20% of household income. Applicants must meet minimum income requirements based on number of people in household. ISWA has constructed 124 single and multi-family units in the Green Earth Community located on the Catawba Indian Nation.


Emergency Housing

Four (4) studio apartments, One – Two(2) bedroom house and One – Three (3) bedroom house that is provided for Tribal Members who are facing a hardship.  Hardships such as:  domestic violence, fire/mother nature destruction of current home and homelessness.  Housing is for three months with a maximum of six months depending on situation.  Goal is to move these tenants into Green Earth Rentals at the end of their emergency housing stay.


Home Ownership Program

  • Lease to Own: Option available on the Catawba Indian Reservation.  Homes located on Yesebehena Village, 1500 Tom Stevens and 1518 Cemetery Road are part of the Lease to Own Program. These homes are valued by a certified house appraiser and sold to the Tribal Member at this price plus any extras that is requested by Tribal Member purchasing the home.   Low Income Tribal Members who own or have a land assignment can also use this program. ISWA will build a home or purchase a modular home that is satisfactory to the Tribal Members income.  Tribal Member signs over their land assignment as collateral to ISWA.  When home mortgage is satisfied the land assignment is turned back over to the Tribal Member.

Mortgages are calculated by:      Year Term:  25 to 30 Years.

  • Value of Home = Equity
  • Administrative Fee of $125
  • Maintenance Fee of $50


  • 184 Lease to Own Program (Pilot): This is a new program.  This program is geared toward Low income Catawba Tribal Members off the reservation; who are not able to purchase a home on their own at the moment, but will be able to within 7 years.  Applicant has to be turned down by a 184 Lender and show proof that they can obtain a mortgage within seven (7) years.


ISWA will obtain a 184 Loan and purchase a home off the reservation for a Catawba Tribal Member.  Within seven (7) years the tribal member will apply for their own mortgage and pay off the balance with ISWA to satisfy their Lease to Own agreement with ISWA.  By doing so, ISWA will be able to turn around and help another Tribal Member become a home owner.

Mortgages are calculated by:           Year Term:  7 years

  • Calculation given by the 184 Lender that ISWA assumes a loan through on your behalf.

Rehabilitation Program

Program offers housing rehab work to bring housing up to standard building codes for existing stick built or modular homes on Catawba reservation and/or tribal service area. Applicant must be Catawba Tribal Member and own their home.

First Time Homebuyers

Program provides up to $5,000 down payment assistance or closing cost for the purchase of a home.

Housing Services

Below is a list of services offered by ISWA Housing for the Catawba Tribal Members.

ISWA Security ServicesISWA Security is a proprietary company.  ISWA Security is currently patrolling ISWA Development Corporation Property including housing.  Patrol is twenty four hours seven days a week.  You will soon see ISWA Security in marked security vehicles.

Home Ownership and Credit Counseling: This is a mandatory class for the home ownership programs; however, tribal members required to attend these type of classes are more than welcome to schedule an appointment with Melissa Johnson at extension 222.

184 Loan Lending: This program is directly applied with a 184 Lending Agency.  However, ISWA will be more than happy to explain the program and refer you to a lender in the area.

Housing Staff:

Angel Lowery, Assistant Director

Dawn Osborn, Housing Coordinator

Melissa Johnson, Accounting Clerk

Johnny Roberts, Property Maintenance

Rick Martin, Property Maintenance Coordinator

Pam Martin, Administrative Assistant



ISWA Security Staff:

April Miller, Captain/Supervisor

James Mullis, Officer

Hubert Aiken, Officer

Brandon Devine, Officer

Melissa Elwell, Officer


Request for Proposals

Visit our Purchasing page for information about Proposals: http://catawbaindian.net/open-solicitations/