The Catawba Indian Nation Department of Transportation oversees transportation projects for the tribe. There are three major subdivisions of the department.


The Planning department is responsible to plan for the transportation needs for the tribe including the 20-year Long Range Transportation Plan, Road Inventory, and yearly Transportation Improvement Plan. The department holds public meetings to make everyone aware of the upcoming projects and get input from the community.

  • Upcoming projects include the following:
  • Wade Harris Road Reconstruction
  • VA Cemetery Access
  • Passmore Road Extension
  • John Brown Road Reconstruction

If you have any questions about this contact Elizabeth Harris, Community Planner at 366-4792 ext 225.


The Real Estate & Other Rights Protection department oversees construction projects on the reservation. They are involved in all aspects of transportation construction from design, pre-construction, working with contractors, overseeing projects in progress, and post-construction.

Roy Brown Road Construction project, completed 2011

Rivercrest Road Constuction project, completed 2011


Cemetery Road Reconstruction completed April 2014


Greenway Trail Bridge


If you have questions about this process please contact Denise Williams, Real Estate Director at 366-4792 ext 272.


It is important to maintain the roads that we have on the reservation. The Real Estate & Other Rights Protection department also oversees this aspect of our transportation department. We have a Road Maintenance Technician that is in charge of cutting grass along the roadways, cleaning up trash on the roadway, maintaining our trails and more. We also complete special maintenance projects when needed such as repairing ditches and driveway aprons. If you would like to report a road maintenance issue please contact Denise Williams, Real Estate Director at 366-4792.